Open House 2016

Brno, 6th April, 2016


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Csiki is attending the following talks:

6th April 2016

1:10 pm
Have you tried turning it off and on again : The definitive guide for supporting Java geeks from Apple, CERN and others. - Selenium [Ground floor]
2:30 pm
Technical Writing: the Craft of Explaining Difficult Stuff Simply - Neptunium [Ground floor]
3:10 pm
Technical Writing: Edible Instructions (interactive session) - Neptunium [Ground floor]
3:50 pm
We don't make mistakes! - Helium [Ground floor]
4:30 pm
How to use Fedora for beginners - Selenium [Ground floor]
5:10 pm
Red Hat for Students - Krypton [Third floor]
5:50 pm
A Security Rendezvous - Helium [Ground floor]


 Presentation Interactive session